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Adolescents and Transition Age Youth

During adolescence and young adulthood your brain is going through a time of abundant development, second only to what it experiences in infancy. While you may start to look like an adult, your brain is still functioning very differently as it overproduces brain cells and starts to create new connections and habits. Add this to the challenges of figuring out how to become your own person independent from your family, making choices that inform your future, and navigating all types of relationships, it's no surprise that that it can be a time of challenge and growth. 

Having spent close to a decade counselling in a youth mental health program and in high schools, I have supported many young people as they navigate this time of their lives. Some of the issues we engaged with included difficult family dynamics, sexual assault, trauma, addiction, self-harm, and being a youth-in-care or youth in transition.

I'd love to hear from you if you feel like you could use someone to offer a listening ear and provide support as you make your journey into adulthood.

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