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EMDR Intensive Therapy

Hold Space for Your Healing

EMDR Intensive Therapy for trauma recovery involves committing

to a concentrated period of treatment to focus on healing from traumatic experiences and unhealthy patterns.

Intensives generally run for 4-6 hours a day (plus breaks)

and are often scheduled several days in a row. 

Why do an Intensive?​

  • Stay Goal Focused - When therapy is spread out over weeks and months it is inevitable that there are interruptions in trauma recovery due to every day life events and unforeseen crises. These interruptions are more likely to be avoided with intensive therapy. 

  • Less Chance of Destabilization - Between session clients are faced with the challenge of managing difficult emotions and memories that arise during therapy. Intensive therapy decreases the time between sessions and is more likely to significantly decrease distress connected with difficult memories during the session. 

  • Heal Faster and More Efficiently - Rather than spreading your recovery out over several months or years, achieve healing and get to a better quality of life in a shorter time-span. You do not need to prolong your suffering, you are worthy of healing.

  • Reduced Cost - Since the time spent settling into and wrapping up each session is cut back significantly, more of your time is spent on trauma recovery and therefore fewer total hours will be required overall. Furthermore, I offer a decreased cost per hour for intensive sessions.   

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